Not Just a Dental Office

relaxation table at our Silver Spring dental spa

We are a dental spa, not a dental office. Our focus is keeping you comfortable, keeping you relaxed, keeping you anxiety-free and assuring you that you’re in the best hands possible. We are not exaggerating when we say you will look forward to each visit because we offer amenities that very few dental spas in the country offer.

For years, we have worked very hard to ensure your time with us is as pleasant as possible. Whether you’re having a simple dental exam and teeth cleaning or a more involved procedure like dental implants, you’ll be relaxed and confident as you’re treated like the family we consider you to be. This dentist in Silver Spring is really like no other, and we cannot wait to meet you.

You’ll enjoy our themed rooms, like the Beach Room or the Tropical Rainforest Room, and on Fridays, you’ll be lulled into a relaxed state with our live pianist. Yes, we have a baby grand piano in our reception area, which is something you’ve probably never experienced at your previous dentists’ offices.

Overall Health, Not Just Dental Health

We don’t just treat your mouth, teeth, and gums. Our one-of-a-kind Silver Spring dentist and team are concerned with your overall health and well-being. We will take a thorough medical history, use the most innovative technology to get a clear picture of your current dental state and go over our findings with you in terms you can understand.

When possible, we will share images with you because we believe you deserve to know exactly what we see and what we think we can do to help. We won’t just say you have a cavity that needs filling. We will show you. Your questions will be answered; no question is discouraged here. Our dentist will spend time with you, and she will explain her findings thoroughly and compassionately.

A Dental Spa Environment You’ll Never Forget

Please don’t take our word for it by reading our website; come see for yourself what we provide our beloved dental spa patients. You are not just a patient; you matter to us, and we will do everything in our power to improve your dental health, your physical health, and your emotional well-being by providing dental care that surpasses anything you’ve had in the past.

We provide an anxiety-free environment with careful planning and consideration. We utilize certain scents, music, and lighting to ensure your time with us is so pleasant you’ll want your family and friends to experience our dental spa, too.

If you’re looking for a dentist in Silver Spring, look no further than Dr. Chantal Bikoi, a highly skilled, expertly trained, multilingual, well-traveled dentist who spends a great deal of time helping those who cannot afford dental care.

She has helped thousands of people in other countries and on other continents with dental care they could not afford. We are not talking about doing a Saturday or two a year helping out a few folks who need their teeth cleaned. She travels thousands of miles to help entire villages whose residents would never otherwise see a dentist their entire lives.

A Symphony of Dental Care: Our In-House Pianist

woman's hands playing piano music at our Silver Spring Dental SpaAt Artistic Family Dentistry of Silver Spring, we believe in creating an ambiance that transcends the ordinary. As you step into our dental spa, you’re not just entering a place of dental excellence but also a haven of soothing melodies. Every Friday, our in-house pianist, James Dryburgh, graces our reception with the gentle notes of a baby grand piano, transforming the atmosphere into tranquility and elegance.

Music has the power to heal, to calm, and to elevate experiences. Recognizing this, we introduced live piano sessions, a unique feature that sets us apart from other dental practices. Our music therapist and pianist, James, is a talented musician and a healer, using the universal language of music to alleviate anxiety and ensure our patients feel relaxed and at ease.

As explained by James Dryburgh, our music therapy philosophy revolves around promoting mental and emotional wellness through music vibration, specifically acoustic piano and guided imagery. One of our methods involves the therapist providing compositional and improvisational piano music during patients’ dental experiences, complemented by exquisite visual nature vistas displayed throughout the practice on monitors.

lobby with chairs and a piano at our Silver Spring dental spa

Quality of life results from commitment, experience, knowledge, and innovation. Piano music subtly blends the dental procedure with different stimuli to transform negative feelings of anxiety into more relaxed breathing and feelings conducive to healing. Rolling relaxation sounds through the piano waves transform or modulate the patient’s emotional state. Studies have shown that music can regulate the activity of brain regions involved in initiating, generating, maintaining, terminating, and modulating emotions.

Our music therapy program is a testament to our commitment to patient comfort and is reaffirmed with each patient by Dr. Bikoi and her team. We recognize its benefit in patient comfort, vitality, healing, and wellness.

Imagine: as you await your appointment, the calming notes of the piano envelop you, setting a tone of tranquility and assurance. James Dryburgh, who began his musical journey at age 9, brings a lifetime of studying, performing, and teaching piano to enhance your dental experience. It’s a testament to our belief in holistic care, where every detail, from the ambiance to the treatment, is curated for your well-being.

Join us and experience firsthand how we’ve harmoniously blended top-tier dental care with the soulful touch of music.

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