Advantages of Preventative Dentistry in Silver Spring, MD

Preventative dentistry in Silver Spring is crucial to keeping those larger dental problems from ever developing. With teeth cleaning and gum treatment early on, your chances of getting tooth decay and periodontal disease are greatly reduced. Preventative dentistry saves a lot of money because when dental problems are ignored, they grow into larger, more costly problems.

Dr. Bikoi loves explaining the connection between oral health and general health, and her extensive education and training allow her to share so much knowledge with her patients. Your appointments are never rushed, and you will have all of your questions answered.

What to Expect At Your First Comprehensive Dentistry Appointment

Your amazing dentist in Silver Spring, Dr. Bikoi, will have her team take a thorough medical history because your whole body needs to be considered when examining your dental health. Your head, neck, and mouth will be examined for any abnormalities, and digital X-rays will allow Dr. Bikoi to see everything that cannot be detected upon palpation and with the naked eye.

Digital X-rays are not like your grandparents’ X-rays. They’re an invaluable diagnostic tool used to identify tooth decay, bone defects, tumors, and cysts and examine the stability of previous procedures like crowns or root canals. Our digital X-rays reduce radiation exposure by more than 50% and produce instant, high-quality images that can be viewed immediately. You’ll see your x-rays during your appointment, and Dr. Bikoi will explain her findings.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer affects thousands of Americans every year, but early detection saves many lives. Dr. Bikoi will check for any anomalies and let you know what, if anything, she finds during her examination. Nearly 54,000 Americans receive an oral or oropharyngeal cancer diagnosis each year; if detected early, the survival rate for oral cancer is much higher than when it’s detected in its later stages. Oral cancer screening is one of the most important parts of your first visit.

Teeth Cleaning

Some patients get a teeth cleaning on their first visit, and some patients do not. This decision depends on many factors that Dr. Bikoi will explain. During a dental cleaning, dental plaque and tartar are removed from the teeth. The instruments we use are the best in the industry, and they cause no discomfort. Large pieces of tartar are loosened and removed with innovative technology, and hand tools are used to manually remove smaller deposits and smooth the surfaces of your teeth. Polishing your teeth is the final touch; your teeth will look and feel amazing!

Schedule a Comprehensive Dentistry Visit in Silver Spring, Maryland

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