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Cosmetic Dentistry Silver Spring

When looking for a cosmetic dentist in Silver Spring, MD, there are several factors to consider. You want to find a dentist who performs several cosmetic dentistry procedures so you can have all your dental needs met in one location. You also want a Silver Spring cosmetic dentist who has many years of education and training and stays on the cutting edge of the latest techniques and technologies. Look no further than Dr. E. Chantal Bikoi at Artistic Family Dentistry of Silver Spring for all of these attributes.

Whether you have minor dental flaws that can be corrected in one or two visits or you’re looking to have a smile makeover, our dental spa is the best choice to achieve your desired goals. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on the aesthetics of your smile while improving the function of your mouth, teeth, and gums. We do it all here at Artistic Family Dentistry.

Cutting Edge Cosmetic Dentistry Silver Spring, MD

Using the latest laser dentistry, you’ll have procedures performed in less time, with less pain, and in the most beautiful environment you’ve ever seen. Dr. Bikoi has devoted her career to changing her patients’ lives one smile at a time, and she will be thrilled to meet you, evaluate your current dental situation, and suggest improvements that will deliver that Hollywood smile you’ve dreamed about for years.

Here are just some of the cosmetic dentistry procedures performed in our Silver Spring dental spa:

You may need just one of these procedures or you may require a carefully selected combination to deliver the results you want. After Dr. Bikoi and her team evaluate you, our findings will be shared with you, and you’ll learn how we can transform a lackluster smile into a stunning one that will light up any room. You will then decide what you’re willing to commit to, and we can begin work right away if you’re ready.

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Innovative Technology Transforms Smiles

Soft tissue lasers are safe and effective, and they allow our patients to have work done with no discomfort. Our soft tissue lasers work by using energized light beams to sculpt your gums at a cellular level. Our lasers sculpt, cauterize, and sterilize the soft tissues all at once, so there is less bleeding during the procedure, less oral trauma, less swelling, and a quicker recovery time. Cosmetic procedures that were painful and required downtime in the past can now be done in record time and with minimal to no discomfort.

Our lasers for cosmetic dentistry procedures are incredibly safe, and their precision capability allows Dr. Bikoi to perform procedures that leave healthy soft tissues fully intact. She can target very specific areas that require treatment while leaving healthy gum tissue untouched. You’ll be informed of what will take place, and you’ll have all of your questions answered. Our front desk team will check your insurance benefits so you will have an idea of what will be covered and what you may have to pay out of pocket.

Please understand that dental techniques and technology are evolving at a rapid pace; our Silver Spring cosmetic dentist and her team spend a great deal of time learning how to provide unrivaled dental care to our patients in an environment that focuses on comfort, relaxation, and whole-body wellness. This is not just any dental practice; we are a dental spa with amenities that ensure your time with us is enjoyable and life-changing.

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Gum Shaping

Gum contouring (also referred to as gum reshaping) is a cosmetic procedure that changes the shape of your gums. Dr. Bikoi utilizes this procedure to cut away excessive gum tissue that is giving you a “gummy” smile or to restore gum tissue that has receded and is now exposing too much of your teeth. Laser dentistry allows us to fix gum issues in no time at all, and the results are simply amazing. Gum recession happens for a number of reasons, but Dr. Bikoi can restore healthy gums using laser dentistry technology at our Silver Spring dental spa.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Silver Spring, Maryland

Please call our Silver Spring dental spa at (240) 641-5828 to schedule an appointment or fill out our online contact form. One of our team members will call you to answer questions or schedule a new patient appointment.