Implant Supported Bridges in Silver Spring

Dental Implant Supported Bridges in Silver Spring

An implant supported bridge is a tooth replacement option for two or more missing teeth in a row. Dental implants act as anchors to secure the bridge in place. An implant supported bridge may be used instead of a partial denture when a row of teeth need to be replaced.

What is an Implant?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is surgically placed in the jaw. It is made of titanium, a biocompatible material that fuses with the jaw bone to form a solid bond. Once the bond has been established, it can last a lifetime. Implants can replace one or any number of teeth and can be used to anchor bridges or dentures. 

Benefits of an Implant Supported Bridge:

  • Cost effective. An implant supported bridge costs less than a row of dental implants because only two implants are needed for the structure. 
  • Secure. The implants provide a secure hold for the bridge so that it stays in place. It can’t slip or come loose the way a partial denture might. 
  • Avoid damage to healthy teeth. A traditional bridge requires the healthy teeth on either side of the gap to be filed down and fitted with crowns to hold the bridge in place. The healthy tooth enamel cannot be restored after it is removed. Pressure on the bridge from chewing can also damage the healthy teeth. An implant supported bridge does not affect the healthy teeth. 
  • Preserve bone health. When a tooth is missing the jaw bone will weaken and deteriorate in that location. A row of missing teeth can cause significant bone loss in the jaw. But an implant supported bridge helps to preserve bone health because the implants fuse with the jaw bone.

  • Long lasting. An implant supported bridge lasts longer than a traditional bridge or a partial denture.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many implants are required for a bridge?

An implant supported bridge is a restorative solution for spaces where two or more adjacent teeth are missing. The bridge replaces multiple adjacent missing teeth without the use of a denture. This restoration typically requires two implants to support the porcelain bridge. The bridge provides a functional and aesthetic replacement for the patient’s natural teeth.

Does an implant supported bridge look natural?

An implant supported bridge tends to look more natural than dentures because it attaches via implants rather than suction, adhesives, or metal attachments. The only way to achieve a more natural appearance is to replace each missing tooth with a dental implant. 

How should I care for my implant supported bridge?

An implant supported bridge can be maintained the same way as your natural teeth. Brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day. It may help to get a special tool, such as a waterpik, to clean between the bridge and your gums.

How long does an implant supported bridge last?

An implant supported bridge can last for 20 years or more with good care and maintenance. It lasts longer than a traditional bridge, which may only last 5-10 years.