Dentistry for Yoga Lovers

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Are you a yoga enthusiast? Do you appreciate the calmness, the relaxing atmosphere and the mental relaxation that is part of the yoga discipline?

If so, you will appreciate our “zen-like” office environment and our one-of-a-kind Zentistry™ hygiene experience.

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Our hygiene room is like no other you will have experienced. Everything is different. Everything. The chair isn’t a dental chair. It is a relaxing massage-style bed that uses subtle wavelengths to help relax your body. The wall is a multi-dimensional scene of bamboo and trees helping you visually experience something more pleasant and inspirational. The scents, calming music, and dimmed lighting all contribute to creating the ideal environment. We create a sensory experience that helps relax you during your visit and make your dental visit more enjoyable.

Come visit our office and take a quick tour and we will show you our unique, upscale, and yoga-focused environment.

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Dentistry for Yoga Lovers Photo