Dr. E. Chantal Bikoi


About Dr. Esther de Chantal Ngo Bikoi

Dr. Chantal Bikoi has over 30 years of experience in the field of dentistry in both the United States and internationally. Her path to dentistry was built on a foundation of dedicated learning and a willingness to help others.

Dr. Bikoi’s Dental Journey Began in Cameroon

After graduating from high school in Cameroon, her journey to become a dentist began. She was admitted to Dakar University a six-year Dental School in Senegal where she graduated with a dental degree. She also completed a one-year oral surgery residency program at the University Hospital. She was under the guidance and supervision of a well-known and prominent oral surgeon. She earned an Oral Surgery and Dental Public Health Certificate. Upon graduation, she relocated back to Cameroon and practiced dentistry in a prestigious Adventist Dental Clinic until 1999.While serving at the clinic, Dr. Bikoi impressed her mentor with the ability and tenacity to provide exceptional dental care to her patients.

Dr. Bikoi Graduates From Loma Linda University with Her DDS

In 1999, with a recommendation from her mentor, Dr. Bikoi came to the United States on a scholarship for an internship in clinical restorative dentistry at the prestigious Loma Linda University. After six months of training, she worked as a surgical and dental assistant and continued her journey as a dental professional leading to her acceptance at Loma Linda University Dental School. Dr. Bikoi graduated with her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 2012. Since then, she has had additional training from other prestigious dental institutions such as:

  • The Engel Institute: Dental implants
  • Loma Linda University Implant Dentistry Continuum: Dental implants
  • Universidade Metropolitana de Santos, Brazil: Implant live patients training
  • Stewart Center: 18 – month residency in Occlusion and Minimally Invasive Dentistry
  • The Denture Fountain of Youth: Dentures
  • Invisalign: Invisalign orthodontics
  • Dental XP: One Year Externship in Implant Dentistry

Trained in various specialty programs and dental conventions with the top dentists both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Bikoi Embarks on Her Private Practice Career

Dr. Bikoi worked in private practices around the Washington, DC metropolitan area before opening her own practice in 2017 located in Silver Spring, MD. Dr. Bikoi’s extensive experience and training is instrumental in developing comprehensive treatment plans, thoroughly educating patients, and providing quality general restorative, oral surgery, endodontic, cosmetic and implant dentistry. Her experience includes providing a wide range of general dental care in both private as well as in a community setting. Dedicated to providing her patients with the most advanced training and technology, Dr. Bikoi stays on the forefront of dentistry through ongoing education.

Dr. Bikoi – Care and Compassion for Others

In her early days in Cameroon, Dr. Bikoi founded the RAPSED (Reseau d’Actions pour la Promotion de la Sante, l’Education et le Development) which is a non-profit organization with the objective to provide health education and treatment to the young, less advantaged population. Dr Bikoi participated in numerous charitable dental causes which includes visiting remote villages where patient access to dental care is non-existent.  She mobilized health professionals and organized several mobile clinics in remote villages. Dr Bikoi and her team donated long hours and multiple workdays to help treat the villagers, both adults and their children. Through the RAPSED Health Education and Information Campaign, Dr Bikoi has provided thousands of people with education regarding preventive dental care. They have seen an eager population lining up to attend RAPSED’s seminars and workshops to learn about dental hygiene and other potentially deadly diseases. After relocating to the United States, Dr. Bikoi continues to participate in charitable foundation that work with different communities. While at Loma Linda University, Dr Bikoi participated in a two-week medical mission trip to Brazil. She volunteered to live on a boat and set up a full dental clinic in remote villages along the Amazon River. She provided dental care to populations that have little to no access to healthcare and made a huge impact on their lives. Dr. Bikoi loves the opportunity to help and guide the youth, in 2021 she returned to Cameroon and helped deliver books, desks and cleaning equipment in a remote elementary school. These are humbling experiences that help bring focus to issues for health education and is the reason why Dr Bikoi chose Dentistry as a profession, she enjoys helping others in a capacity they could otherwise not perform themselves.


You will find Dr. Bikoi at her modern and unique dental spa named Artistic Family Dentistry of Silver Spring – working long hours to provide the very best dental care available today. The practice is designed for patients to enjoy the experience from the moment they walk in the front door. The waiting area is welcoming, spacious and beautiful. One of the unique assets of AFDSS is having a Digital Grand Piano in the waiting room. The Music Therapist plays piano music that helps promote relaxation and well-being. Dr. Bikoi has spa scented aromatherapy, calming music which provides a unique dental experience. Patients are treated with the use of state-of-the-art technology which are used in all dental procedures while relaxing in a Zen focused environment. All patients coming to AFDSS are treated with world class customer service and receive a world class dental experience.

Dr. Bikoi with Dr. Brian LeSage Photo
Dr. Bikoi in Las Vegas Photo

Dr. E. Chantal Bikoi is pictured with Dr. Brian LeSage at the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Las Vegas, 2017.