How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

After getting your teeth professionally whitened, you are going to feel like you are on top of the world - smiling at everyone you pass. Will this feeling last forever? How long does teeth whitening last? 

Many factors are involved in answering that question as well as steps you can take to prolong the results. Let’s dive in. 

How Long Your Teeth Whitening Lasts

The average time frame for your teeth whitening to last is about 2 years, maybe even three with professional treatment. Keep in mind that this is just an average. Some results may last longer. It really depends on the type of treatment, the foods and drinks you consume, certain habits you have, and your level of oral hygiene. 

The Type of Whitening Treatment Matters

There are many different types of teeth whitening treatments, including the over-the-counter methods that you buy at your local drugstore and the professional treatment you get at your dentist’s office. 

Over-the-counter teeth whitening kits usually come with strips and/or gels. You have to use them over some time and, while you may notice some color change, it may miss the hard-to-erase stains. This is because these products have a whitening agent that is less powerful than the one approved for professional treatments. 

Under the direction of your dentist, professional whitening is stronger and more effective. It can leave you with much whiter teeth after the treatment. And, the whiter your teeth are after the procedure, the longer they are likely to stay white. 

What You Eat and Drink Impacts Your White Teeth

Teeth can be stained from certain foods and beverages that we have consumed over the years. Things like coffee, tea, red wine, curry, heavy dyes, and more can easily change the color of your teeth. This is likely a contributing factor as to why you need teeth whitening in the first place. 

Once your whitening treatment is complete, you will still have to pay attention to the foods you consume. Letting go - or reducing your consumption - of these staining foods and drinks can prolong the whiteness of your smile. 

Get Rid of Bad Habits

There are certain habits you need to get rid of if you want to maintain your white teeth - especially when it comes to tobacco. Whether you smoke tobacco or you chew it, you are constantly risking your teeth turning shades of yellow and brown. 

Professional whitening can remove these stains, but if you continue to use tobacco after your treatment, the discoloration will return. Consider seeking help in letting go of tobacco for good - for your teeth and for your overall health. 

Stay Focused on Your Oral Hygiene

Finally, you can’t keep your teeth in tip-top shape if you don’t take care of them. Maintain your oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly - and making it a point to go for your routine cleanings with your dentist. Stains can stick to plaque buildup, but your hygiene habits can make sure that plaque doesn’t get a chance to hang around. 

The Best Teeth Whitening Treatment For You

Working with the professional dental team at Artistic Family Dentistry of Silver Spring will help you discover the best teeth whitening treatment for you. We offer in-office teeth whitening as well as at-home teeth whitening with professional results. Perhaps the best part is that we will guide you every step of the way -- so you achieve the lasting results you are looking for. 

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