Rejuvenation Dentistry in Silver Spring

Rejuvenation Dentistry in Silver Spring

Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Dr. Chantal Bikoi is a graduate of the Texas Center for Occlusal Studies where she was trained to perform “Minimally Invasive Dentistry.” Rejuvenation Dentistry is a proven and cost effective method to restore the full smile while at the same time focusing on corrected bite and jaw alignment (in dental terms known as “occlusion”).

The Texas Center For Occlusal Studies
Texas Center For Occlusal Studies Class

Cost and Pitfalls of Typical Full Mouth Reconstruction

Typical full mouth reconstruction where a patient may receive 20 to 30 crowns and veneers cost between $45,000 to $60,000. The resulting dentistry is impressive. However, unless the expensive dental work includes the proper evaluation of a patient’s bite and subsequent alignment of the jaw before the dental work is done, the teeth may look pretty but the long-term success of the dental work is compromised. An improper bite will result in additional wear on the dental veneers. Additionally, other complications from a misaligned jaw such as headaches and facial pain won’t be corrected. These issues will continue.

Rejuvenation Dentistry is Different

Rejuvenation Dentistry is different because it requires the evaluation of the bite BEFORE the restorative dentistry is performed. The patient’s jaw alignment is analyzed and corrected via the use of custom clear mouth aligners that the patient may wear for 1 to 3 months. These clear aligners reposition the jaw and set it in place. Once the jaw is aligned, Dr. Bikoi will use sophisticated high-grade composites to lengthen each tooth to it’s original and natural length or an adjusted length for maximum cosmetic purposes.

The resulting case is 1/3 to ½ the cost of typical full mouth reconstruction with the all important factor of aligning the jaw and teeth to not only protect the dentistry but to reshape the face through a proper aligned jaw. Patients receiving rejuvenation dentistry take on a new healthier facial look because the underlying jaw position is repaired and restored to the proper position.

A “Rejuvenated” Patient!

Pictured below is Dr. Bikoi with one of her rejuvenation dental patients and a stand-alone photo showing not only a new beautiful smile, but an all important proper jaw alignment to protect the new teeth and enhance the facial structure of the treated patient.

Dr. Bikoi with Rejuvenated Patient
After Rejuvenation Dentistry in Silver Spring
Before & After Rejuvenation Dentistry
Before & After Rejuvenation Dental Care

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Imagine if you could have the Hollywood smile that everyone dreams about at a fraction of the cost. Dr. Bikoi can not only provide you with that gorgeous smile you want and deserve but will also analyze your bite and make the necessary adjustments to your jaw position to help protect your investment and to address facial and jaw pain. Contact our office today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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