Spa Dentistry vs Traditional Dentistry

Imagine going to the dentist to relax and unwind - and leaving there feeling rejuvenated. What? At the dentist? That’s right. This is what spa dentistry is all about.

There is no rule book that says a dentist's office has to feel cold and unwelcoming. No wonder why dental fear is such a real thing! By creating a peaceful atmosphere with pampering amenities, the overall dental experience can be transformed and even viewed as enjoyable. 

What is Spa Dentistry?

Spa dentistry is the new face in the dental world. It offers a zen-like experience while maintaining your oral health. You will experience things like greenery for surroundings, calming sounds, relaxing scents, dimmed lighting, and a massage bed rather than a dental chair! 

Spa dentistry includes a positive environment that transcends the patient’s dental experience. The surroundings are calming so stress is reduced and fear no longer becomes an issue. In what is known as Zentistry™, much attention is paid to the patient when it comes to visual input, sound, smell, and tactile responses. 

While spa dentistry has its purpose in redefining the dental experience, the spa experience may vary based on the patient or office procedures. Some may include extra pampering like aromatherapy, hand massages, and warm hand towels. Others may even offer massages, facials and manicures. Others may take it even further, offering rejuvenation through skin care, Botox, and more. 

Spa dentistry is slowly making its way mainstream here in the U.S. so it is exciting to see what is to come. 

How Spa Dentistry Is Different

As you can tell, spa dentistry and traditional dentistry are two very different approaches to the same goal. Here are a few of the things you may experience in spa dentistry that sets it apart. 

A Peaceful Environment

Although no dental office should be rowdy, just walking in the door of a quiet traditional dental office can make a patient’s anxiety skyrocket. With spa dentistry, things are a bit different. It will be peaceful and soothing. There are no sterile odors or bright lighting, either. Just luxurious, comfortable surroundings to make you feel at ease. 

A Personalized Experience

You are unique. And your dental experience should be, too. As a new patient we will get to know you, your experiences, your preferences, and so forth. That way we can tailor your dental experience to make you most comfortable. 

Luxurious Amenities

Things that enhance your spa dentistry experience are included in your visit. For instance, you may find: 

  • Aromatherapy
  • Massage chairs
  • Headphones 
  • Soothing music
  • Live pianist
  • Complimentary beverages and snacks

And so much more. 

Better Oral Care With Spa Dentistry

Believe it or not, you will find yourself getting better oral care with spa dentistry. See, many people push their dentist appointments off until the last minute - or cancel them altogether. This is especially true for those who have high dental anxiety. With a more peaceful experience, you are more likely to appear at your appointments - and find them much easier to get through. No more putting off a preventative cleaning or a tiny ache until it becomes a dental emergency!

Most spa dentistry offices offer the same services as you would find in any traditional dental office, including preventative dentistry services, restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign, and more. 

Artistic Family Dentistry of Silver Spring for an Unforgettable Spa Dentistry Experience

If you are ready to see how spa dentistry can transform your vision of the dentist, look no further than Artistic Family Dentistry of Silver Spring. We offer a full range of dental services in an incredibly peaceful and serene environment. 

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