dental patient holding model of dental implants

The 4 Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are the top of the line tooth replacement option. If you have a tooth that is damaged, decayed, cracked, broken, or missing, a dental implant can replace it for a natural look and function. Even so, patients sometimes hesitate to agree to an implant for various reasons from cost to fear. But there are many reasons why dental implants are highly recommended by dentists and satisfied patients. 

If you’re trying to decide if a dental implant is right for you, consider the top 4 benefits.

  • Natural Function. A dental implant is a complete artificial tooth and root system. A titanium post is placed in the jaw bone with a crown attached to the top. Titanium is a biocompatible metal that fuses with the existing bone to form a solid, lifelong hold. Once the crown is attached, the entire structure works just like a natural tooth. You can chew any kind of food, speak with confidence, and brush and floss around it just like your other teeth. You will hardly know that you have a dental implant. 
  • Natural Appearance. The crown portion of a dental implant is all that is visible, thanks to the implant root existing under the gum line. The crown is usually made of porcelain, which very closely resembles natural tooth enamel. The porcelain crown can be shaped just like your other teeth and the color can be accurately matched as well. Dental implants look very natural. Even when a front tooth is replaced with an implant, no one but you will be able to tell. 
  • Preserves Bone Health in the Jaw. One of the biggest benefits of dental implants is the way they help to preserve the bone density in the jaw. The concern is that when a tooth is lost or extracted, the part of the jaw bone that once supported it will weaken and eventually dissolve. This can weaken the bone structure around the missing tooth as well, causing other teeth to become loose or shift out of place. But because an implant is placed in the jaw and fuses with the bone, it preserves the bone structure and can even help the existing bone to regenerate.
  • Can Support Bridges and Dentures. Dental implants can replace a single tooth or act as an anchor for dental bridges and dentures. When a few teeth are missing in a row, dental implants can be placed on either end of the gap with a bridge attached to each one. A bridge and implant combination lowers the overall cost of the procedure. Implants can also be used to hold dentures in place. If an entire arch of teeth on the top or bottom jaw needs to be replaced, a few dental implants can act as anchors for the dentures to attach to. This helps keep the dentures solidly in place more effectively than adhesives and suction and also lowers the cost of the entire replacement procedure.

Dental Implants at Artistic Family Dentistry

If you’re interested in dental implants after learning the benefits, Artistic Family Dentistry provides this service. Dental implants are the best tooth replacement option for most patients who need to replace one or more teeth. Nearly every patient qualifies as an ideal candidate for the procedure, and even if the existing jaw bone is not ready to support an implant, it can be prepared with a bone graft procedure to fortify and regenerate the existing bone. 

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