It’s Not Just a Visit, It’s an Experience!

Imagine if you didn’t have to fear about going to your dentist. In fact, imagine, after a long and stressful day from which you want to unwind and relax, that your first instinct is to call your dentist and schedule a regular hygiene appointment! Zentistry™ creates this kind of positive environment that will have you looking forward to every dental visit, because a Zentistry™ practice is a new patient experience that transcends everything you have previously encountered when visiting your dentist.

Zentistry™ is a collection of scientific-based principles that are focused on reducing fear and anxiety during a routine dental appointment. These methods have been long used and proven to address and reduce stress and fear from patients. A registered Zentistry™ practitioner, Dr. Bikoi and her team have adopted Zentistry™ founder’s method of “Sensory Remodeling Technique,” which guarantees patients a relaxing and calming experience when visiting their dentist’s office.

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Exclusivity Clause

Dr. Bikoi is a registered Zentistry™ Practitioner who trained under the direct supervision of Zentistry™’s founder, Dr. Sonny Oliva, and his unique Sensory Remodeling Principles. Dr. Bikoi has an exclusive license to practice the Zentistry™ methods for the Greater Washington DC area. No other dental practice will be licensed as a Zentistry™ practice within a 40 mile radius of her upscale Silver Spring office.

Elevate Your Senses

Zentistry™’s focus is to immerse all your senses to create a new perspective towards your dental visit. By paying attention to how the patient perceives visual input, sound, smell and tactile responses, we can create a unique and innovative environment that is unlike any other dental office experience.

Our Digital Grand Piano

During times of social distancing, it is especially important for our dental team to stay connected with our patients. The team objective is to promote relaxation during dental visits and to help patients cope with stress through MUSIC. At our office , Zentistry™ is in action. Our goal is to focus on high quality dental care and deliver the best, yet unique dental experience.

Every Friday we have the pleasure of having our own pianist play for our patients. Please join us on our Facebook page as we start at 11:00 am via live so you may all enjoy our relaxing symphony.